Sunday, March 11, 2012

03-06-2012 - All Hail Tabachi

  • For reasons unknown to me, my software didn't record this week's show, so big hugz to Tabachi who recorded the show and sent it to me.
  • Laugh Track Matt was on a TV show in 1991 when he was 17-years-old. Skip to about the halfway mark, right after the singing butt, to hear his call.
  • Trenton the T Man makes us new audio stuff.
  • We're broadcasting on Blue Planet Prank Radio tonight.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Blockbuster Video still exists! We call up a few customers of Blockbuster to yell at them about their late fees.
  • When is The Phone Show's birthday?
  • Manic Radio hates us.
  • Stupid Morgan Freeman talks all over one of our Blockbuster pranks.
  • Markov's new hit single - Make It Ring
  • Click here to relive the hilarity of Richard Cardo
  • R0xy is trolling us, saying that she'll be doing a show again.
  • Click here to listen to the show
  • Click here to listen to the aftershow - either connectivity problems or intoxication caused this show to abruptly end, but I'm positive we continued the aftershow for at least another hour. Also, one of our prank calls caused the following email to be sent to us from a Blockbuster employee...

"Pranking is one thing, but once the prank is up, let it go. You called my establishment four times; the first time I knew who you were and hung up on you (we do have caller ID); the second time I told you that you were not who you said you were and hung up; and then you called back twice more. It stops being a prank at that point and starts being harassment. I can shrug off and even find humour in the first one or two times, but at the third, you\'re done. Please keep that in mind and be responsible in your pranking." -email from a Blockbuster employee in Fairbanks, Alaska


  1. the links to the show and aftershow are broken :/

  2. It was broken earlier today, but it should be fixed now. Try refreshing the window. It's working for me.